40' Storage Containers For Sale

Used 40ft storage containers for sale

40' shipping containers for sale

40' storage containers for sale every day at an affordable prices. looking for a 40 foot storage containers? we have several used and one trip 40' storage containers for sale or rent. These 40ft containers are one of the best options for extra large storage space.

40' storage containers start their life as cargo shipping containers that were designed and built tough to withstand all kind of abuse, like the ocean, salty water, lift operators and even trucking drivers.

These storage shipping containers travel the world moving cargo and goods year after year, till they retired and become storage containers with a much more options than just moving cargo. They can be modified to just about anything. From just a large storage box to a living space.

40' storage containers outside dimensions are, 40' in length, 8 foot in height and 8 foot for width, with interior dimensions of, 39 foot 6 inches for length, 7 foot 10 inches for height and 7 foot 9 inches for width.

40' storage containers for sale available in two options:

1: Used 40' storage containers.

Used 40' storage containers are actually cargo shipping containers that were built to move cargo not to store it but after so many years of moving cargo some will eventually get retired and becomes used storage container.

Our used 40' storage containers get a complete inspection and repaired if needed as per inspector recommendation and the storage container will be marked as a wind and watertight storage container. The inspection and the repairs sheets are available to our customers just in case if they requires it.

Wind and watertight containers are the shipping containers and storage container which are capable of stopping wind and water from getting inside the container by having a good door seals and gasket and without any rust holes or any cracks in the wall panels or the roof panel.

Used 40' storage containers average price in the northwest region is about $2,200

Used 40ft storage containers have a wide range of physical appearance, conditions and colors to choose from.

1: One trip 40' storage containers.

New or one trip 40' storage containers are cargo shipping containers that have been used once, The first trip for the container from the manufacturing country ( Most likely china ) to the suppliers company.

Shipping an empty container overseas is a total wast of time and money, and for that the new shipping containers normally get loaded with cargo and freight on it's first trip, hence the name ( One Trip Container ).

That one trip render the container as used and in turn lower the price a little bit as it's really not new any more.

Despite the fact that the storage container is still considered brand new it will get a complete survey inspection to make sure it is up to standards.

Newer 40 foot storage containers have some extras that older models don't.

Newer shipping containers have more vents per container than older modals. Manufacturer start adding four to six vents per side instead of just two, even the front wall and the cargo doors get vents on them too.

The extra long handle for easy opening on the cargo door is another addition that we start seeing on newer containers too. The long handle might not sound like much till you actually use it. It really makes a lot of difference when opening the cargo doors.

One trip 40' storage containers average price in the northwest region is about $4,200.

Our customers asking for a 40' storage containers for sale usually request some container modifications such as an easy to use storage container man door and some with ceiling lights.

Used 40ft storage containers for sale
One trip 40ft storage containers
40ft storage container easy open handle
self storage container
40' storage containers modifications
40' storage container modifications

Looking for just a large steel box for extra storage room? the 40 foot storage container is an excellent option.

Based on what the 40' storage container is going to be used for, it's a good idea to take some time and decide on any modification that you might need before the container get to your location.

Modifying a storage container on location is twice as hard and twice as costly.

Now if the 40' storage container is going to be accessed frequently adding a steel man door will be more efficient than the cargo doors. The cargo doors are not as easy to open as a man door.

If the storage container is going to be used for large items, a roll up door will a good option to install.

The 40 foot deep storage container will get dark inside specially with items stored in it. Adding containers windows or LED lighting package will help a lot.

40' storage containers customers will most likely to ask for some kind of container modification the time of the purchase.

Common Shipping Container Modifications

container man door
Installing a man door

Installing a metal man door kit on your shipping or storage container for easy and fast access.

Storage container with roll up doors
Installing roll-up doors

Adding one or two roll up door on any side of your storage container making your life a lot easier.

shipping container with windows
Installing windows

Installing windows will not just bring day light to your storage container but it will help in reducing condensation.

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