Shipping container man door kit

Shipping container door options

shipping container man door kit

Shipping container man door kit is one potential door option to have installed for your shipping/storage containers. However, man doors are not the only shipping container door options.

You can always choose to install a roll up door for easy access and ability to store larger items if a man door is not wide enough.

Currently, the majority of our customers who do order shipping containers with a man door will also order a container windows to be installed as well.

To have a man door installed you can choose to order a shipping container “man door kit.” The man door kits have two width options and two height options, the width choices being 36 or 48 inches and the height choices being 7 or 8 feet tall.

You can also customize the operation of the door by choosing to install right-hand or left-hand hinges, a right-hand door or a left-hand door and which way the door will swing, to the right-hand side or to the left-hand side.

Additionally, with any customizations you chose to make, the man door kit will ship complete with your specifications and ready to be installed.

The door itself is made from metal with an insulation core and is initially painted with a dark industrial gray color that can be painted over if desired.

The door hinges are industrial strength hinges that are bolted to the door from one side and welded to the door frame on the other side.

This is known as a pre-hung door where instead of just a slab of wood or fiberglass, this door comes with the hinges and frames already attached.

A pre-hung door is durable and longer lasting than a regular slab door and comes with everything needed to install and set-up.

The frame is made of 2" x 3" x 1/8" steel tubes that is cut and welded to the perfect height with the right amount of gap that allows the door to swing open after installation.

The steel frame is what makes installation of the man door kit easy as it gives you the exact amount of area needed to be cut out from a shipping container panel. All you need to do is trace the frame on the container wall and you’ll get a perfect fit.

Shipping Container Man Door Kits – What is Included

Everything needed to ensure the installation of the man door is included in the kit (minus the obvious tools of course!) so you don’t need to go out chasing for parts.

In the man door kit, you will find an aluminum threshold plate that can be trimmed, if necessary, to fit the door opening. The plate can be fastened down to the container floor with some screws after the installation of the door.

An aluminum extrusion door sweep with a rubber seal at the bottom and an outside rain drip flange is also included in the kit. This door sweep will be screwed directly to the door to help completely seal off the bottom.

The man door kit additionally comes with a rain drip aluminum plate (not shown in the main image) that will be fastened to the top of the door frame to prevent any potential rain leakage to the inside the container.

A rubber sealing kit is also included with the main man door kit. The sealing kit will include a left, right, and top seal with enough screws to install them all. These seals should be installed from the inside of the man door.

The last item included in the man door kit are doorknobs. The number of knobs included in the kit will depend on what type of kit you order, one with either single or dual doorknobs.

white shipping container man door
Wooden shipping container man door

Ordering a shipping container man door kit

man door panic bar

Panic bar for emergency exit

man door automatic closer

Automatic door closer

Here are some things to keep in mind when you order a shipping container man door kit.

  • Desired door width: 36 inches or 48 inches.
  • Desired door height: Standard 7ft or tall 8ft.
  • Hinges: On the right side or left side.
  • Doorknobs: Single or double.
  • Steel Frame: With or without.
  • Door swing: To the inside or outside.

You do have the option to purchase just a door itself without the hinges or frame, however if you decide that you need door seals or the aluminum threshold, sweep and rain drip, it may be difficult to find the correct parts and can dramatically increase your total costs.

Additionally, based on what purpose your shipping container will be used for, you may want to consider some other potential man door options, such as a panic bar for emergency exits or an automatic door closer.

Three steps to install a shipping container man door kit

Shipping container man door kit installation

man door installation step one tracing
Line up the door assembly inside the container where you want the door installed and rrace the door frame on the wall panel.
man door installation step two cutting
Cut out the opening for the man door assembly with a cut-off wheel on a grinder or a plasma cutter.
man door installation step three welding
Line up the door assembly inside the opening. Don't force the door frame, it should go in freely in the opening.

At this point of installation on the man door kit, the hard part is over. What's left is welding the door frame to the container panel.

There are two ways to go about welding the door. The fastest way would be to stitch weld the door to the frame and use caulking to fill the gaps between the weld beads.

The other way would be to weld all the way around the frame doing short welding beads on the left side and right side giving the weld some time to cool down.

This way you won’t squeeze the door in the frame when the metal will expand.

After welding and cleaning you can start installing the threshold, door sweep, rain drip, doorknobs, and the inside seals. There you have it, you can simply modify a shipping container by self-installing a shipping container man door kit.

Most Common And Simple Shipping Container Modifications

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Installing an air vent on your shipping or storage container will help in eliminating condensation.

Storage container with roll up doors
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