Shipping container office

Shipping container office conversion

shipping container office

Shipping container office is what you really need when you're away from your office building at the job site. And shipping container office conversion is what we do. Need a shipping or storage container office?

These shipping container offices can be built from a one trip or a used storage container from as small as a 10ft container and can be as large as a 53ft long container with as many shipping container windows and doors as you require.

That's the difference between purchasing or leasing a pre-built shipping container office and have a custom built office.

We do build the container office to your specification and based on the time the mobile office is going to be used for, you will have the option of purchasing the office container or have a long term lease.

The most common size for a mobile office is the 20ft shipping containers as the will not take a lot of space at the job location and at the same time several offices can be set side by side.

If the job site is too big as in a large construction project several small offices can be spread around the job site as a convenient for engineers and site supervisors.

These shipping container office can also be setup as brake and lunch rooms to be used by workers ( Mobile Brake Room )

Shipping container office specifications

  • Shipping container office size.

    The mobile container office can be built from any container size and the option of two heights. 8.5ft or 9.5ft.

  • Shipping container office windows size.

    The windows sizes again can be any size required not limited to what’s standard in the market you can order any window size you like, we will build the frame for it.

  • Numbers of windows.

    Completely optional. We can fabricate and install any numbers of windows limited only to container wall space.

  • Man Doors ( Entry door ).

    The shipping container man doors comes in two widths 3ft and 4ft wide doors and two 7ft and 8ft tall in height with swing in or out. And left or right door hinges. These are steel doors and more than just one can be installed on a container office.

  • Cargo doors.

    All shipping containers comes with cargo doors, these doors can be insulated and kept functional or a wall can be framed to cover them and have them permanently shut.

    Some of our customers asked for the cargo doors to be permanently shut and a wall built inside to cover them up for a better insulation and sealant of the inside.

    Other customers ask for the cargo doors to be insulated an functional just in case.

    One customer asked for an inside wall to be install 4 feet from the cargo doors and used that as an extra storage room that can be accessed from the outside of the container office.

  • Mobile office insulation.

    Your choice of spray on or sheathing foam insulation.

  • inside wall Finishing.

    Your choice. Plywood, OSB wood panels, Sheetrock. Painted or not. It’s up to you.

  • Electrical and lighting.

    120V/240V System with LED lighting and any numbers of outlets.

  • HVAC ( Heating & Air Conditioning ).

    Small compact and sufficient Heating & Air Conditioning unit can be installed on the front wall of the shipping container.

  • Shipping container office color.

    We can paint the mobile office any color you desired.

If you can think it? We can build it.

red container office
shipping container office windows
Container office electrical
Shipping container office conversion

shipping container office conversion
Container office insulation

We start the conversion of the shipping container to a mobile office by installing the man door as all shipping container offices needs a man door for easy access.

Next we install the shipping container window frames based on customers request for position, window size and numbers of windows.

If an HVAC unit is to be installed, The steel framing will be built and welded to the container.

Then we frame the inside of the container with 2X4 wood studs getting it ready for insulation, Spray on foam or sheathing foam.

If the shipping container office is to be painted a certain color. It will get cleaned, prepared and painted, if not? all the walls with doors and window frames will get a coat of paint the same color as the original container color.

We cover the insulation with plywood, OSB, seal and paint the walls as requested.

At this point we can install and seal the windows in their frames.

The man door hardware and seals can be installed at this time of the conversion.

Next the electrical system will get installed. It can be just a straight 120V or 120V/240V system with any number of LED ceiling lights and outlets.

If we are installing an HVAC unit? It will get installed and sealed in its frame.

There you have it. Your shipping container office is done and ready for delivery.

Common Shipping Container Modifications

container man door
Installing a man door

Installing a metal man door kit on your shipping or storage container for easy and fast access.

Storage container with roll up doors
Installing roll-up doors

Adding one or two roll up door on any side of your storage container making your life a lot easier.

shipping container with windows
Installing windows

Installing windows will not just bring day light to your storage container but it will help in reducing condensation.

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