Shipping container size customization

Shipping container customization

shipping container size

Shipping container size customization is one of the unlimited container modifications that we have been doing for over 15 years. If you are looking for a custom length shipping or storage container?. You landed at the right place.

Shipping container sizes are a world wide standard which makes a perfect sense as these containers end up all over the world moving cargo and supplies. With the shipping containers size is the same the equipment that’s needed to move and stack the containers are also compatible with the container sizes.

Even large cargo container ships are designed with the container size in mind for efficient and easy loading and unloading.

Shipping container size start as small as a 10ft container and up to 53ft high cube shipping container with 102 inches wide.

List of the shipping container sizes

  • 8ft small shipping container.
  • 10ft standard and high cube.
  • 16ft standard and high cube.
  • 20ft standard and high cube.
  • 24ft standard and high cube.
  • 40ft standard and high cube.
  • 45ft standard and high cube.
  • 53ft high cube.

Now that’s is not a bad range of shipping container sizes. But what would you do if you need a shipping container size that does not fit with these standard sizes?

1: Shipping container size option one

One option you have is ordering the size that you want directly from the manufacturing company, they will be more than happy to build it for you.

But knowing that the majority of shipping container manufacturing companies are in china the cost of the custom build and the shipping will be really high.

2: Shipping container size option two

The second option for a custom size shipping container is to have a local company cut down the container to your specifications. Which is what we do.

For our shipping container fabricators It really does not matter what length or height the container need to be at it’s just a another container modification. And they will get the job done in a timely manner.

Shipping containers are steel boxes, with some imagination and a good steel fabricator there’s really nothing that we can’t do modifying any shipping container size.

So far we have cut down several 40ft shipping containers to a perfect 30ft long which we thought it’s becoming a desired size.

Then last month we had a customer ordering a 22ft long high cube container. 22ft shipping container that was a little surprising shipping container size for us. It was the first. But hey that’s what the customers want and that’s what the customers get.

30ft shipping container size
22ft shipping container
30ft used storage container
Shipping container size cut down

30ft container flooring
30ft-contaoner door assembly
30ft container door assembly installed

We start by marking the target container size on the inside and the outside taken in consideration the flooring, corner caps and the steel corrugation.

If the shipping container is a newer model? We will remove the decking up to were it’s going to cut down to.

On the other hand if it’s a storage container and the floor screws are rusted out and hard to remove. We will measure exactly were the deck is going to stop and make a clean cut.

Now we can remove the front wall assembly or the cargo doors frame assembly. Again based on the container condition we make the decision on which route to go.

If we remove the front wall assembly we have to deal with the container goose nick and that means more steel cutting and probably some rust too.

Either way we go the assembly will be set aside for now and back to the container to remove the unwanted section.

We don’t like to wast a lot of time cutting out the unwanted section with cutting wheels even though it will comes out a lot cleaner, so we cut the top and bottom rails with cutting wheels and we switch to the plasma cutter to do the rest of cutting.

At this point the shipping container becomes three parts in the shop. Two of them need to be cleaned and ready for reassembly and the third need to be cut down into smaller chunks and into the steel bin.

After cleaning the door frame assembly or the front wall assembly will be lifted with a forklift and lined up to the container were it should go.

We check for length and square and start tack welding the assembly. Then we check the measurements again and make sure the decking is were it suppose to be.

The frame assembly will get a complete weld all the way around. The deck will get fasten down to the frame.

All what’s lift is wire-wheel the inside out, seal the inside, prime and paint.

Some of the customers will request a re-positioning of the fork pocket assemblies and some will ask for them to be blocked with a steel plate.

Common Shipping Container Modifications

container man door
Installing a man door

Installing a metal man door kit on your shipping or storage container for easy and fast access.

Storage container with roll up doors
Installing roll-up doors

Adding one or two roll up door on any side of your storage container making your life a lot easier.

shipping container with windows
Installing windows

Installing windows will not just bring day light to your storage container but it will help in reducing condensation.

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