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shipping container with windows

Shipping containers with windows for sale are not easy to find, none of the shipping container manufacturer build shipping containers with windows. They are added to a shipping container by means of modifications, as each customer would like the windows to be install in a way to fulfill their particular needs. Add to that the wide range of shipping containers windows sizes.

At the same time no shipping container supplier will take the time and spend money modifying shipping containers with windows hoping for customers to pick them up as they are.

Shipping and storage container have 4 sides to install windows on, and the range of shipping container window sizes is unlimited, we can order any window size and type so where to install the windows and what size to use?.

If you find a shipping container with windows already installed on it, it is probably a container that was modified as a long term rental for a particular customer needs and the rental term ends, or the customer changed their mind after it was built.

Shipping containers with windows.

We call them shipping container windows and people search the net for shipping containers with windows, or shipping container window kit. So what so spacial about the container windows or window kits?

Years ago when we start modifying shipping containers when a customer order a container with windows we use to run to the local hardware store and pick up the vinyl windows and build a steel frame for them, then install them on the shipping container.

When the demand for shipping containers with windows went high and to keep our customers as happy as we can, delivering the jobs in a timely manner. We start ordering the shipping container window kits to save some time in building the frame.

When we got the first shipping container kit delivered to our shop we weren't all that surprised because it was a vinyl window setting inside a 2X3 inches steel frame. Nothing really special. Exactly what we have been doing for years. The only benefit of the window kit is we don't have to build the frame.

Why would you want shipping containers with windows

Actually by the time you install some windows on a shipping container it not a shipping container anymore, you really can't use it to ship anything. It becomes a storage container or an office container but definitely not a shipping container.

That goes for just about any container modifications too, like installing a roll up door and container man doors. The container can't be used for shipping goods anymore.

Benefits of shipping containers with windows.

  • Bring daylight to the inside of the container.
  • With several windows you can create a mobile office.
  • Convert the container to a guard shack.
  • Help fight condensation build up.

Our customers ordering shipping containers with windows installed usually asks to add an easy to open and close shipping container man door and an electrical system package with ceiling LED lights and power outlets.

Container with large windows
Insulated shipping container with windows
Shipping container window kits
Installing shipping container window kit

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Installing a shipping container window is not that hard and don't need that many tools. Just a grinder with a cutting wheel, a welder, Four bolts and a caulking gun.

If you ordered a shipping container window kit, you don't have to worry about building the frame it comes with the window.

On the other hand if you just want to install a vinyl window do yourself a favor and build a frame for it using 2X3 inches steel tube leaving a small gap around the window, about 1/8 of an inch.

How we install a container window

  • To start, align your window frame where you would like it to be install.
  • You can build a temporary wood stand to hold the frame in place.
  • Use a soapstone to trace the frame to the wall panel.
  • Soapstone are perfect for tracing straight line over corrugated panels.
  • Remove the window frame and cut out the opening.
  • Clean and prep the edges for welding.
  • Insert the window frame in the opening.
  • Don't force the frame in the opening. It should go in freely.
  • Align the frame with the wall panel. It should be almost flush from the outside.
  • Tack weld in several spots so the frame will not move while welding.
  • Weld all the way around, alternating the weld beads, sides,top,bottom.
  • Wire-wheel inside outside and seal inside of the frame with caulking.
  • Prime and paint.
  • Run a small bead of caulking on the inside of the frame.
  • Set the window in the frame.
  • Secure the window with two bolts on the left and right.
  • Seal the window from the outside just in case.

There you have it. Even though it sounds like a lot of steps to install a shipping container window, but when you install the first one the rest will be a breeze.

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