Shipping containers with roll up doors

Shipping container roll up door kit

shipping containers with roll up doors

Shipping containers with roll up doors are hard to find ready to be purchased as every customer would like the roll up door to be install in a way that satisfy their particular needs. Add to that the wide range of shipping containers roll up door sizes.

No shipping container supplier will spend the time and money modifying shipping containers with roll up doors hoping they will be what a customer want. Any shipping container will have 4 sides to install a roll up door on and there is about 7 different roll up door sizes, where it install the door and what size?.

If you end up finding a shipping container with a roll up door already installed, it was probably built as a long term rental for a customer then came back, or the customer changed their mind after it was built.

Shipping container roll up doors.

Shipping container roll up doors are another shipping container doors option second only to the man door. Roll up doors are made of corrugated metal that wraps on it self as a coil when the door is fully opened above the door frame opening. The door panel slides up and down inside two vertical tracks to keep the door aligned in place.

Shipping container or storage container roll up doors comes in a variety of sizes, from as small as a 3ft wide to as large as 12ft wide, and you have an option of insulated roll up doors too.

Roll up doors come as a kit that need to be assembled, We call it a shipping container roll up door kit but it is really just the door panel assembly with the coiled spring as a one part, Two vertical track and a small bag of fastener.

We will get to how to install the roll-up door n a minute, lets see some of the benefit of installing a roll up door on a shipping container.

Why would you want to install a roll up door on a shipping container?

Actually no one with their right mind will install a roll up door on a shipping container that will be used is shipping anything for that matter. Unlike the container cargo doors that built to take some serious abuse, container roll up doors are lightweight and fragile they can be damaged easily.

Installing a metal roll up door on a storage container on the other hand makes a perfect sense.

Storage container roll up doors benefits

  • Easy access to the container inside.
  • Wide range of sizes.
  • Can be installed on any side.
    You can even remove the cargo doors and replace them with one roll up door.
  • They are effortless to open and close.
  • Zero maintenance.
  • Easy replacement if damage.
  • Not that expensive considering the benefits.

The majority of our customers ordering storage containers with roll up doors installed usually asks to add some container windows and some with a man door on one side too. which make sense, it's true roll up doors are easy to open and close but at the same time they are not as convenient as a man door for frequent access.

Storage container with roll up door
roll up door on front wall
Roll up door coil

Installing shipping container roll up door kit

man door panic bar
roll up door threshold
roll up door framing
metal roll up door
roll up and man door

Assembling the roll up door kit and installing it on a storage container is really simple and it will not take more than 20 minutes.

With that being said, preparing the container to take the roll up door is the challenge, and that is were you spend most of your time in installing a container roll up door.

Don't get me wrong with what i am about to say, We have been installing roll up doors for the past 15 years or so.

We have seen some professionals on you tube showing how to install a roll up door on a shipping container, and to be honest we were surprised on how they go about it.

They measure and cut out the door opening and with nothing else done, as cleaning or grinding sharp edges they spot weld the vertical tracks to the container panels, then two guys carry up the door roll and try to bolted to the top brackets while they both on ladders with the door on their shoulders. Mind boggling i till ya.

Another roll up door installation we saw was at local shipping container supplier that do container modifications who invited me to visit and take a look on what they do.

Again don't get me wrong, not trying to bad mouth a competitor here, on the contrary i end up advising them on the what we think is the proper way of installing a roll up door on a shipping container. They took and follow the advice.

Anyways they use to frame the door opening with a steel angle to create a flat surface for the vertical track to set on, the steel angle was skip welded and the gaps were filed with caulking. Which is really a bad idea as the caulking will look good up to the first month maybe. Then it will start deteriorating and leaking.

Whenever we do any container modifications the one thing that's always on hand is steel tubing. All the panels on any shipping container are corrugated and to compensate for that we use steel tubes.

If it is a man door, it's sitting inside a 2 inches by 3 inches steel tube frame, a shipping container window is sitting inside a steel tube frame, even a small 12X12 inches louver vent is sitting inside a 2X2 steel tube frame.

Shipping container roll up doors are no exceptions, they need a steel frame to be installed.

How we install a container roll up door

  • To start, we add 4 inches to the width of the door.
  • For example, a 7 foot door is 84 inches we cut an 88 inches wide opening.
  • We keep the opening height at 82 inches tall.
  • Grind and clean the door opening.
  • If the door came with a threshold, it gets welded to the bottom container flange.
  • If there is no threshold, we make one from 5 inches and one inch flat bar.
  • 2X2 inches steel tube used to frame the opening, cutting the tops at 45 degrees.
  • We don't skip weld, we weld all the way around.
  • Wire wheel inside outside. and seal inside with caulking.
  • Prime and paint.
  • Set the roll up door lined up with the opening inside the container.
  • Attache the vertical tracks to the door flanges with included hardware.
  • Get some help to stand the door assembly against the opening.
  • Drill and secure the door tracks to the steel tube with 5/16 self threading bolts.

All what's lift is dropping the door in the tracks and add some tension to the spring, too much tension will pull the door up fast and will be hard to close. Too little tension will drop the door fast and will be hard to open. The door tension should be enough when the door can stay in place at half way open.

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