Temporary construction covered walkways

Temporary pedestrian walkways

Temporary construction covered walkways

Temporary construction covered walkways built completely from shipping containers for easy setup and removal when the job is done. They can be built from a long 40ft container or a small 20ft container and a combination of long and short containers to cover the length of the area that needs pedestrian walkways.

Shipping container temporary construction covered walkways or as some call them container tunnels are the best choice to protect pedestrian in or around construction sites, they are built from steel and can take just about anything the weather can throw at them.

Construction covered walkways don't just protect pedestrians from the construction site itself such as falling objects or debris but at the same time provide a safe path from moving vehicles.

The shipping containers temporary pedestrian walkways design is very simple and effective, a shipping container with the cargo doors and the front wall removed and the frames get some gussets as an extra support to keep the frame square.

Two or four window opening and an emergency door opening will be cut on one side of the temporary construction covered walkways to bring in daylight and at the same time give the pedestrian some comfort while inside the containers tunnel.

These temporary covered walkway systems get an electrical lighting system that is easy to chain from one container to the next, electrical wiring will go through a steel conduits and the light bulbs are all LED to conserve on energy.

Shipping containers covered walkway Vs Scaffolding walkway

It will probably takes two worker all day long to setup a 40' scaffolding covered walkway without lighting still, while a 40ft shipping container temporary covered walkway can be dropped on location and it's ready to be used. A 120v extension cord and we have lights too.

These are temporary construction covered walkways, sooner or later they need to be removed. With a shipping container it just have to be upplugged and picked up, which takes about 5 minutes max. Scaffolding covered walkway need to be disassembled one piece at a time.

When it comes to cost. even if the rental rate for both type of temporary construction covered walkways are the same. Just the setup and removal time saving is worth going with the shipping container tunnel system.

Temporary pedestrian walkways can be built from 40ft, 20ft and even 10ft shipping containers in standard height or high cube if needed.

40ft temporary pedestrian walkway
storage container pedestrian walkways
Temporary construction covered walkways modifications

construction covered walkways modifications
pedestrian walkways lights

Converting a shipping container to a temporary construction covered walkways is the same procedure if it's a 40ft container or 20ft the only difference is the amount of window opening. 40 ft container will take 4 opening and the 20ft will take 2 window opening. Both sizes will take only one emergency door opening.

We start by building the windows and door opening frames using 2X2 inches steel tubing, steel tubes are used to compensate for the container corrugated steel walls.

Next we line up the frames where they need to be installed and trace them on the inside wall on the container.

Using a cutting wheel on a grinder or a plasma cutter we cut out the frame opening, then clean and prepare for welding.

Insert the frames in the openings and weld all the way around. Wire wheel inside and outside, then seal the inside of the welded area with caulking. There is really no need for the sealant as there are no windows or doors but it will look twice as good and smooth when it get painted.

If the container have two sets of cargo door. The doors hinge pins will be cut and the doors will be removed. A 2'X2' steel tube gussets cut at 45 degrees get welded to the top corners of the door frame for added support.

If the container have only one set of cargo doors. The doors get removed and the front wall will be cut out. The front top and bottom flanges get cleaned with a grinder. Two vertical steel tubes (2X2) get welded to the sides of the front corner posts.

All what's left is painting, ( inside, outside ) and the floor get a coat of anti slip paint. The last thing to be installed is the lighting system.

Common Shipping Container Modifications

container man door
Installing a man door

Installing a metal man door kit on your shipping or storage container for easy and fast access.

Storage container with roll up doors
Installing roll-up doors

Adding one or two roll up door on any side of your storage container making your life a lot easier.

shipping container with windows
Installing windows

Installing windows will not just bring day light to your storage container but it will help in reducing condensation.

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