Used Shipping Containers for sale

Used cargo containers for sale.

Used shipping container

Wind & Watertight Used Shipping Containers

Used shipping containers for sale in excellent condition. If you’re looking for a used shipping container you landed in the right place. Our company stocks hundreds of new and used shipping containers that are inspected and repaired as needed, and ready for your new projects or storage needs.

Used shipping containers are available in almost every city in the world, they start their life as a new cargo shipping container that will travel around the world moving all types of cargo.

As long the shipping containers remain up to ISO standards (international organization for standardization) the containers may be used for decades. They may look rusty or banged up, but if the main structure is intact, is wind and watertight, they will function perfectly for moving freight.

In some cases after many years of service, some of these shipping containers get retired from moving freight and become storage shipping containers. However there is still a vast majority of these shipping containers still being used to move freight today.

What and who decides to retire a container?

There is one main factor in determining whether a shipping container is still usable: the repairing cost. (And that goes for both new and used shipping containers)

The average labor rate of shipping container repairs is generally $75.00 to $125.00 per hour and the cost of repairs can very quickly overcome the value of the container. In cases like these, the owner of the container will find that it is more beneficial to retire the shipping container and sell it as is.

Big and small companies usually have their shipping containers inspected by certified inspectors who can determine the condition of the shipping container before putting the container in service.

The shipping container inspector report will give a good estimate for the amount of repair costs or even if repairs are needed. Ultimately, it will be up to the owners to repair and keep the container or have it retired.

All our used shipping containers for sale are inspected and repaired according to our certified inspector recommendation. When you purchase a used shipping container from our company, it is guaranteed the container has been inspected and repaired properly, so you can have a peace of mind knowing our company does right by the customer.

A copy of the inspection and repair sheet is always available if you would like to have one with your purchase of a used shipping container.

Above and beyond inspection.

Even though all our used shipping containers for sale are inspected and certified by ISO standards, we don’t think that is good enough for our customers. During the inspection, the inspector will not take into account the appearance of the used shipping container as it is not a part of inspection standards. However for our company, appearance of the container matters.

We take the time to grind, wirewheel, and paint rusted areas as much as possible to make our containers not only function well, but look appealing too. Additionally, container inspectors may overlook the functionality of cargo door hinges, which is obviously important when trying to get access to inside your container.

We make sure that all our containers have their door hinges lubricated and free of any drag and also check the door’s hardware such as door rod cams, keepers, and bushings.

used shipping containers for sale
used 20'shipping container
used 40'shipping container

Used 40' Shipping containers

40' shipping containers for sale

40' Shipping container dimensions.

Standard 40 foot shipping containers ISO are 8ft Wide, 8.5ft High a lengths of 40ft.

Best size for pedestrian covered walkways

The standard 40 foot shipping container is the most common and available size of used shipping containers.

They are one of the best choices for small and large businesses alike who need the extra storage. Often times these 40ft containers will usually be used just the way they are with no modifications, just a large storage container.

On the other hand, you can get very creative with the various uses of a shipping container and modify the container in a number of ways. Our company has the ability to modify, add, paint, and install many different features to the container to best fit your needs.

For example, if you are planning on storing large size items then roll-up doors is the way to go. They can easily give you quick access to the inside of the container from any side, without any struggle or hassle to fit your items inside. We have had several customers that ordered 40 foot used shipping containers and add two or more roll-up doors, two on each side.

Metall roll up doors comes in several sizes and can be installed on any side of the used storage shipping container.

Another option that is frequently requested by customers to be installed is a man door, which allows for easy access to the container if the owner needs to access the interior on a daily basis.

How much does a used 40ft shipping container cost?

Standard height used 40 foot container prices vary depending on the overall condition of the container which includes the main steel structure, flooring, rust, and door operation. The age of the container and the location can also create variations in pricing. A used 40 ft shipping container price can range from $2,200-$2,600 in the northwest region.

Next is one of the most popular shipping containers sizes.
If it's new or used

Used 20' Shipping containers

used 20ft shipping containers for sale

20' Shipping container dimensions.

Standard 20 foot shipping containers ISO are 8ft Wide, 8.5ft High and a lengths of 20ft.

Best size for small container office

The second most commonly used shipping container size is the standard height 20 foot shipping container.

They are the second best choices for extra storage for small and large businesses too. And just like the 40 foot containers they are usually used just the way they are with no modifications.

The majority of our customers who purchases the 20 foot shipping containers usually request a roll up door or man door to be installed for ease of access to the inside of the shipping or storage container. Some customers will even add shipping container windows to bring in more daylight.

We can say over 90% of the shipping container modifications that we have done were on 20ft standard height shipping containers. They are just the right size for many customers’ projects and storage needs and can be easily modified to fit your needs.

When there is no room for a 40ft long container or is out of your price range, the 20ft used shipping container is the perfect alternative choice.

How much does a used 20ft shipping container cost?

Standard height used 20 foot shipping container prices vary depending on the overall condition of the container that includes the under structure, decking, rusted walls, door seals, the age of the container, and the location. Used 20ft shipping container price can range from $1,400 to $1,800 in the northwest region.

Used 45' Shipping containers

used 45ft shipping containers for sale

45' Shipping container dimensions.

Standard 45 foot shipping containers ISO are 8ft Wide, 8.5ft High a lengths of 45ft. And a 9.5ft height for a high cube.

Standard height 45 foot shipping container and high cube 45 foot shipping containers are becoming very popular and are in high demand.

They are excellent choices for extra large storage space for small and large businesses. Mostly they are used as is with no modifications. Just an extra large storage space.

Some of our customers that ordered a 45ft used shipping containers requested one or more roll up doors, some with a man door, some with insulation, and even some with all these features.

A 45 foot deep storage space can make access to the interior or items inside incredibly difficult. In this case the best solution would be to install rollup doors on the sides or the front wall that will create an ease of access to your container.

You may also take into consideration that with such a large, closed storage space, condensation will start building up inside the storage container. We advise installing some louvered vents to help circulate the air inside the container, and an electrical package to add LED lights to provide some light in the dark inside the container.

How much does a used 45ft high cube shipping container cost?

High cube used 45ft shipping container price vary depending on the general shape of the container, how old it is, and the location of where it is being sold. Used 45ft shipping container prices fluctuate around $2,500 in the pacific northwest region.

Common Shipping Container Modifications

container man door
Installing a man door

Installing a metal man door kit on your shipping or storage container for easy and fast access.

Storage container with roll up doors
Installing roll-up doors

Adding one or two roll up door on any side of your storage container making your life a lot easier.

shipping container windows
Installing windows

Installing windows will not just bring day light to your storage container but it will help in reducing condensation.

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